Jane and the Moon - Tom and the plant

Jane and the Moon - Tom and the plant

Jane was helping her mother in the garden one afternoon and while they were working her mother mentioned one story she heard a long time ago. Jane had to tell it to the Moon.
      “A little boy named Tommy was brought to his grandparents to spend the summer holiday at their house.  The house was surrounded by a beautiful garden, which was next to a botanical garden where Tom’s grandfather Joe worked as a gardener. Tom loved his grandparents but didn’t know anything about flowers or plants.  Joe wanted to change that, so they both spent many afternoons in a greenhouse in the heart of the botanical garden. One afternoon, Tom saw his granddad talking to a plant. He found it funny but never said a word. Joe continued and even asked the plant to blossom. 

Tom started to think that his granddad had gone crazy. In the evening after dinner, he asked his grandma if she knew anything about his grandfather’s crazy habits. She just smiled and said that the plants are like his children.

Tom went to bed and fell asleep very late because he was worried. After breakfast, he went to the greenhouse to talk to Joe and immediately saw the plant from yesterday in full bloom. He was very surprised.
     “If you talk or sing to plants, they appreciate it. They understand and they listen,” said Joe, taking the plant and putting it where everybody could have a good look at it. Then he was called to the office, so he asked Tom to behave and be careful. Tom walked around the huge tables with soil and planters and started to feel bored. 

A few minutes later, he found a little ball in one of the planters, so he threw it up in the air and tried to catch it. On the third go he took a big step back and knocked one of the planters down. It broke and one seedling fell from the soil. Tom didn’t know what to do, but was sure that his granddad was not going to be happy about it. Instead of making it right again he kicked the remains of the planter under the table and the seedling too.
     “Ouch! What are you doing, you crazy little boy?” an angry voice said.
Tom turned around but didn’t see anybody.
     “Hey…I am here. Don’t pretend like you don’t hear me!”
 Tom was still looking around, but didn’t know who was talking to him.
     “Hmm…I really don’t understand how this great Joe can have a relative who could be so cruel.”
     “I don’t see you…come out, please.” Tom got really scared.
     “Look down, you fool. I am here, laying on the floor, where you left me!”
     “Oh, no… I am crazy like my granddad. I thought the seedling was talking to me.” Tom had to sit down.
     “So you did hear me. Hmm… why am I still on the floor then?!”
     “I’m sorry. I didn’t know…I ..didn’t ..Oh ..wow…”
     “Ok. Let’s have a really nice chat later, but first put me back into the planter. And do it fast!”
Tom took a new planter and put it on the table. Then he picked up the seedling and placed it on the table too. And then he paused.
     “Hurry up…chop, chop!!!…I need new soil and some water.”
     “Well, I don’t really know what to do…can you help?....Please?”, Tom asked really nicely.
     “Haven’t you learned anything?”
     “Nope….sorry,” said Tom, lowering his head.
The seedling talked him through it and Tom learned how to take care of plants.
That night Tom felt that the whole new world had opened for him and that he had to take advantage of it. Find out as much as he could. So he planned to go back to the greenhouse the next day and ask lots of questions.”
Jane finished her story and waited for the Moon to say something. He looked like he was thinking.
     “Do you talk to the plants Jane?”
     “No, but sometimes I sing around them…and they don’t look so well after that …hee hee” Jane laughed.
     “Why is that?” the Moon asked.
     “Well, I don’t sing very well…..actually…I can’t keep a note.”
     “Oh…poor plants.”
They both laughed.



greenhouse – skleník (můžete slyšet i glass house)
in full bloom – v plném květu
seedling – sazenice
planter – květináč
soil - zemina
habit - zvyk, návyk
remains - zbytky, pozůstatky  (podst. jm. - ostatky) (jako sloveso - to remain - zůstat)
fool - hlupák, blázen  (šašek - v dobách králů)
to chat - klábosit, vykládat si
nope - ne(e), kdepak

to mention something - zmínit se
chop, chop -  šup, šup
I can’t keep a note - neudržím tón (zpívám falešně)

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